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Digital Media 

When you think of your media collection what do you think of?

CDs Records, Cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes are all part of your media collection. But when you bought any of them did you think, “Wow, I just bought a cool piece of plastic!” Of course not. We all said “I can’t wait to hear this!” We buy the plastic to get the music.

Today we can go online and buy just the song we want and listen to it right away. Many media collections are transforming from plastic to digital, and now with iPods to Media Servers it’s much easier to take our music with us. Todays’ digital players are no larger than a deck of cards. People are finding that with a Media Server in their home they are enjoying all of their music, even the old CDs that they forgot they had.

We can give you access to all of your music without sorting through stacks of CDs; just search by looking at the TV and browsing by cover art, artist, title, or type. From there you can make playlists to hear just your favorite songs or types of music. We also offer music transfer services with the purchase of a Media Server to get your music off the plastic and into a digital format.

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